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You’ll receive your own personalized web page that constantly monitors and optimizes every home finance decision for building your long term wealth.  Your Homebot is specific to your home and updated every month -- because the market and your wealth are always changing.

You'll learn precise information including current home value and equity as well actionable advice regarding refinancing options, the power of principal payments and cashflow from short-term rentals and much more.  

Homeowner Testimonials

Homebot now availabe to independent lenders in Denver!

“Homebot told me what I could make renting out my basement on AirBnB, how much I could cashout in order to finish the basement, and what the extra principle payments will mean in additional weatlh and shortened loan term.  And, I dropped my PMI in the process!”
Nadia, Denver, CO
“Homebot told us exactly how much we'd save with a Refi and connected us with our lender.  We'll build an additonal $194,000 of wealth over the life of our loan.”
Kristy, Denver, CO

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You get it.  
You understand 83% of your wealth at retirement will come from your home.
But you can also admit... 
...making timely home-finance decisions is not your strong suit.  
Consequently... and your fellow homeowners will leave over $100 billion of your wealth 
on the table this year.
lets you get it back.
Build your wealth.
How can you get Homebot?

Homebot is available today exclusively through your lender or real estate agent.  We understand homeowners trust these two people the most when it comes to advice about maximizing your wealth-building potential using your home.  It's just too important to get wrong!  

Homebot takes advantage of this by involving both your lender and real estate agent in the delivery of Homebot to homeowners.  Pick one or the other - or both!  We'll get them involved so they are delivering Homebot to you every month.

You suffer the same fear, uncertainty and doubt that plagues every other homeowner.

Consequently... and your fellow homeowners will
 leave over $100 billion of your wealth 
on the table this year.
...or tell us about them and we'll reach out to them for you!


Homebot is available exclusively through your lender or real estate agent.  Tell them you want it!